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History – Evolution of Bethany Asramam
in Kuzhimattom

Bethany Asramam of Kuzhimattom was started in the year 1969 as an annex of Bethany Asramam, Ranni, Perunadu of Indian Orthodox Church.

A travelogue through evolution of inception of Bethany Asramam, Kuzhimattom reminds with exuberance the vibrant personality named Kuttan Chettan belonging to Mulakkanchira family from Kuzhimattom, Kottayam who came forward with initial step of support by offering a chapel for prayer. In late 1960’s renowned meditational preacher and confessionary Aboe Yohannon of Bethany Asramam (Superior) often visited Chapel to conduct Holy Quarbana and these frequent visits turned to open up a new branch in Kuzhimattom in 1969.

During the course of time Baselious College, Kottayam was established and many scholars including spiritual scholars visited for resuming their higher studies. Meanwhile Aboe Yohannan of Bethany Asramam, Perunadu had an idea of having an accommodation facility in Kottayam for needy young scholars. Aboe Yohannon conveyed his thought to Mr.Kuttanchettan and with due consent rooms were built for accommodating Bethanians who come to Kottayam for higher education in Baselious College. Initially administrative responsibilities of Asram were shared by Aboe Yohannon, Fr.Gabriel, Fr. Abraham, Fr. Baskeeba Ramban etc. Later Aboe Yohannon was ordained as H. G. Yohannon Mar Athanasios and took over the responsibility of Assitant Metropolitan of Kottayam Diocese of Indian Orthodox Church. Even though Asramam was initially meant for accomodating Bethanians, due to increased request of young scholars paved way to open up for other scholars and priests too. Some famous scholars who resided include H.G.Gabriel Mar Gregorious, Metropolitan of Trivandrum Diocese and Fr. Dr. Jacob Kurian, Principal, Orthodox Theological Seminary, Kottayam gained spiritual enrichment during their stay.

Bethania Old age Home

In the year 1987 famous divine writer, meditative guru and sage Rev.Fr.Kuriakose OIC and Rev.Fr.Joseph OIC took over the responsibilities of Bethany Asram. Rev.Fr.Kuriakose OIC received an inspiration from his foreign visit to commence an old age home at Bethany, Kuzhimattom and hence Bethania Old age came into being.

Mr. Chacko sir, a well wisher of Bethany belonging to Mulammottil family secured privilege to become the first inmate of Bethania Old age home. Founders of Bethania old age thought that newly commenced facilitation will not only helps to banish the loneliness of an empty home but also gives the people a secure place to stay. Years went off and later Fr. Kurioakose OIC thought about extending the services to elderly women too.

Kottukulam Visranthy Bhavan

Heirs of a prestigious family in Kottayam named Kottukulam initiated support to commence an Old age home in memory of their forefathers named K.V. Punnoose, K.V. Varghese and K.V. Abrham. Accordingly Kottukulam Visranthy Bhavan came into being and on October 30, 1992 Honorable Finance Minister – Shri.Oommen Chandy inaugurated the Old age home and Mr.M.M.Jacob, Meghalaya Governor felicitated this bountiful effort. His holiness Marthoma Mathews Baselious, Catholicos of the East consecrecated the home.

Fr. Kuriakose OIC, Fr.Joseph OIC, Sr.Susanne SIC and Sr.Esther SIC belonging to Bethany congregation stayed in the premises of the old age home and shared their contributions in the activities of the Asramam.

Prathyasa Bhavan

With the great apprehension towards the destitute elders Bethany Asram of Ranni - Perunadu established Prathyasa Bhavan in 1998 with an objective to provide free food, health care and shelter to destitute elderly women. The home takes care of the basic needs of the sick and poorest of poor elderly people especially destitute older women who dwell on the streets with lack of care and concern from their own children or family members. Destitute older people lying on the roads are transferred to the centre with the help of spiritual and social well wishers residing in the outskirts of Kottayam District where the old age Home is located. Fr.Joseph OIC, Sr.Rebecca SIC and Sr.Priscilla SIC are at present taking care of the activities of the home along with Rev. Fr. Joseph OIC.

In 1995 Dr. Kuriakose OIC passed away and his possession was handed over to Rev.Fr. Joseph OIC.

In 1998 Yohanoon Mar Athanasios Memorial Prathyasa Bhavan was started in memory of Late.H.G.Yohannon Mar Athanasios to take care of destitute aged women.

In August 22, 2007, St. Johns’s Chapel was constructed for Prathyasha inmates.

In May 2009, Kannamthanam family of Kanjirapally donated a Dining Hall for Prathyasa Bhavan in loving memory of their parents.

In July 2009, Kottukulam family extended their support in the construction of an additional story to Visranthy Bhavan.

In September, 2009 Bethany Asramam, Ranni, Perunadu expended for the extension for a floor above Bethania Old age home and expansion of Prathyasa Bhavan

In October, 2009 family members of Mulakkanchira family rejuvenated the existing St.Mary’s Chapel.

In October, 2010 Bethany Asramam developed a modern kitchen for the home.