Kottukulam Visranthi Bhavan

Kottukulam Visranthi Bhavan

Aging is a natural process. The family values ingrained in Indians make sure that children take care of their parents well into old age. As young aspirants in India are migrating to different cities either within India or abroad to pursue further education or in pursuit of their careers, leaving behind their old aged parents at home. The number of such families where all the children have left and only the old parents staying at home is increasing day by day. Due to this empty nest phenomenon, the situation of the old parents staying alone at home becomes vulnerable especially when they face health issues. The increased security threat to life and property where elders are soft targets, Bethany Ashram of Ranny, Perunad decided to widen their services.

Heirs of a prestigious family in Kottayam named Kottukulam initiated support to commence an Old age home in memory of their forefathers named K.V. Punnoose, K.V. Varghese and K.V. Abrham. Accordingly Kottukulam Visranthy Bhavan came into being and on October 30, 1992 Honorable Finance Minister – Shri.Oommen Chandy inaugurated the Old age home and Mr.M.M.Jacob, Meghalaya Governor felicitated this munificent effort. His holiness Marthoma Mathews Baselious, Catholicos of the East Consecrecated the home.

At Visranthy Bhavan we offers a gracious, compassionate and dynamic environment, with a continuum of assured lifetime care for Senior Citizens who want to live a peaceful, content and luxurious life within their own secured, beautiful, private rooms. The ethos of the service is person-centered care.

Objectives of the Home

  • To look after the elderly people with utmost care and empathy in a pleasant atmosphere
  • To extend the facilities of the home to more number of needy persons in the society and to act as a second home.
  • To continue to survive by bringing together the hands of all likeminded people towards sustenance.


Visranthy Bhavan features Single and Double Bedrooms that are bright, spacious and airy with pleasing décor and attached bathrooms. With furnished to perfection include attractive colors and subtle sophistication with convenient attached bathrooms. With a Clean and sterile environment, the kitchen provides good hygienic food, warm hospitality and bright surroundings.

  • Ample bedding: Currently there are 40 beds.
  • Natural and nourishing food: Including breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner is provided.
  • Medical abet: Visiting doctors for routine checkup.
  • Well trained Staff to care the ailing inmates and people who needs poignant healing touch.
  • Leisure arrangements: Gardening, pet rearing etc.
  • Guest rooms are available on prior planned booking by visitors, relatives of residents who want to come and share time with their loved ones.

We propose to have a Library which is furnished with comfortable seating arrangements and interesting books which will be completed shortly. The Recreation Room has a dynamic center revolves around relaxation and fun.


  • Lighting, backup power, treated water supply.
  • Visiting Physician and maintenance of health records.
  • Well maintained common areas and landscaped gardens.
  • Daily social, cultural and recreational activities. Sunday Chaplain Sevices and daily spiritual prayer services
  • Hygiene & cleanliness.
  • Set to excellent standards.
  • Catering to the needs of the elderly

Admission criteria of inmates

Any person is 60 years and above is admitted on priority basis. There are limited units reserved on a first come first serve basis for at risk elders,for example, Bedridden, Alzheimers, Dementia patients etc. A medical certificate detailing their medical conditions and medications are to be submitted.


At present there are 40 inmates.

Life is pleasant, comfortable and inmates are envisaging the solitude of peace and serenity in warm ambience with good healthy food, recreation and social activities and leading a enchanting living at Visranthy Bhavan.